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Use Your Care Provider to Save on Baby Gear

Theres a slew of online sites and local thrift stores that offer great deals on baby gear, but here’s a fresh new idea that you may find worth trying….

My mother runs a daycare and often hears stories of how quickly the kids grow out of their clothes and the mothers don’t know what to do with them besides having a rummage sale every couple of months (which nobody really wants to do). One of the moms has a child who was born during the same season our little guy is due and still had all of his clothing and baby things. Since she was so desperate to get rid of everything, we were able to purchase several outfits, an entire set of Tommee Tippee bottles, a Diaper Genie, a bouncy seat, and a play mat for $40. 

The lesson? If you are taking your child to a sitter with other kids or a daycare or you know someone who works at a daycare, have them keep an eye out for kids who would wear the same size/season as your child. Offer the mother to help take some of the old items off of her hands when she’s ready and chances are she will be very grateful. If your care center has a bulletin board you may even post a “baby gear wanted” sign, even before your baby goes there (as long as the staff approves, of course). A lot can be said for using connections outside of just your immediate friends and family. The mommy with too much stuff gets her closets cleaned and your little tyke gets their closet filled!

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