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Formula Feeding Deals

Although I have decided to breastfeed our son for the first several months, I looked into ways to save money if formula feeding became necessary. Here’s two ways I found to save yourself some money on formula that require almost zero effort.

1. Ask your for samples. Pharmacy reps frequent doctors offices to give them free trial packages of medicines and formula companies tend to do the same. Next time you are at your OB, midwife, or pediatrician, ask if they have any coupons or formula samples. Some popular baby stores also give you coupons. When I created my registry at Babies R Us and Target they both had goody bags with coupons and even a bottle and formula samples. So far I have received 6 bottles of infant formula with nipples, a bottle, 2 packets of formula, 4 coupon booklets, a pregnancy journal, and a handy traveling case that I converted into a makeup bag (it just didn’t look like something I’d carry with me everywhere!).

2. Register for freebies. Enfamil and Similac both have membership programs that are completely free to sign up for and offer great deals. A couple months after joining the Enfamil program I even received 2 cans of baby formula absolutely free. They also send out loads of coupons that expire in different time frames so you should have a pretty constant flow of savings.

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